Hunter Blue Diamond

11/24/2006 - 9/20/2017

Came home: 1/28/2007

Call Name: Hunter Blue

Nicknames: Brat, Hunter, Goofball,

    Handsome, Fluffinutter, Wild Thing,

    Mr. Perfect

Favorite things: de-stuffing toys,

    playing with his Piper, watching out

    the window, climbing high, snuggles

Hated things: Baths!

Sadly we lost our big guy to severe internal bleeding from some injury. His passing was very fast and hit us very deeply. He is forever in our hearts.

AKC 5 Generation - Hunter.pdfHunter_Blue_Diamond_files/AKC%205%20Generation%20-%20Hunter.pdffile://localhost/AKC%205%20Generation%20-%20Hunter-1.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0