Hunter-Rosalie pups 2015


Hunter Blue and Rosalie litter born October 7, 2015

Bred August 2015

Born: October 7, 2015

5 Girls and 2 Boys

Reserved - Gunner, Finley, Kona, Pickles, Big Guy, Bandit, Stripe

Available - Sorry, all reserved

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of 7 more puppies bred by Hunter Blue, this time to a pretty female from south of us in Texas.  Rosalie went in to labor Tuesday evening 10/06 and later that night had seven puppies, 2 male black, white, tan and 2 female black, white and tan and 3 female brown, white and tan.  This is Rosalie’s first litter and Momma and pups are doing well.  We look forward to adding more puppy info to this page as Rosalie’s family provides it.  We will forward any puppy questions and inquiries to Rosalie’s family on their behalf. 

We expect these puppies will be going to their new homes in late November or early December.

11/15/2015 update - The puppies are all growing and playing and getting fast!  New photos added to their photo album today!

11/30/2015 update - I spoke with Kendra today and all the puppies are reserved.  They get their puppy shots on Wednesday and start going to their new homes on Thursday.  Kona is staying with Jeff, Kendra and Rosalie.

Photo album