Mocha-Bella pups 2017


Mocha and Bella litter born January 18, 2017

Bred November 2016

Born: January 18, 2017

5 Girls and 1 Boys

Dam - Bella BlueDiamond Davis AKC registered HP48568901

Sire - Mocha Blue Topaz AKC registered HP46374002

Reserved - Blanco (f), Caldwell (m), Gillespie (f), Sabine (f), Trinity (f), Victoria (f)

Available -

Litter is AKC registered and will have paperwork for each pup to be registered by their new family

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the first 6 puppies bred by Mocha with a very pretty blue beagle, Bella.  This is a first litter for Bella as well and the poor girl had a very hard time with 3 of the pups being breach and the 6th pup weighing over 11 ounces.  Bella went in to early labor early Wednesday morning and after a long day with lots of lovin’ and belly rubs, the first pup arrived at 9:45 pm.  There are 5 girls and 1 boy.  The 1 boy and 4 of his sisters will be chocolates and one of the girls will be a typical tricolor.  Bella is a blue and Mocha a chocolate and since both are recessive, we really didn’t know what coloring we might see.

We expect these puppies will be going to their new homes in mid March.  The litter is owned by our friends, the Davis family, ZD Beagle Breeders and we will connect any interested parties to them.

1/31/17 update - puppy eyes are open and all 6 puppies have blue eyes to start with!  They will eventually go to a golden brown.

3/4/17 update - took Mocha to visit the puppies before they start going to their new homes next week.  Check out the photos in the litter photo album!

3/7/17 - Caldwell’s expected family had a family emergency and won’t be able to take him right now, and Blanco has been reserved so now it’s just the little guy available.  Pups expected to start going home this Saturday!

Photo album